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The following article is based on a discussion with a gentleman whose been conducting a penis stretching and exercise regime from home for about one month. The author, an advisor and the practitioner sat down to discuss what is advisable, what the normal practice is and what was actually working for the man doing the exercises. The goal was to put the standard advice up to the test by looking at the penis exercise and stretching regime conducted by an actual subject.

We attempted then to summarize the advice that we would collect give after leaning what we did:

Do one day on, one day off exercises.

Exercising every second day allows your penis the time to heal and recuperate. Without proper rest time you won’t have the endurance to really go at the exercises vigorously enough to see considerable penis growth.

Do a regular warm up. Do some light stretching before doing anything, focusing on the groin area and all the muscles in and around your thighs. If you loosen up the general area you’re much less likely to pull a muscle during exercise.

Next apply light tension to the penis and hold it, stretched for twenty or so seconds, in various different directions. Remember to start off lightly.

Another common way to literally warm the penis up is to draw a hot bath, or simply fill a small basin with hot water and submerge your penis and scrotum. The warmer you’re skin and muscles, the more nubile they’ll be, and the less likely to be damaged.

Combine the exercises with natural supplements. Herbal penis enlargement in combinations with penis stretching exercise is continuously proven to be the most effective overall method to get results.

The Sit down stretch is commonly considered the most effective. Any exercise regime will certainly include it. It also corrects penis curvature quite effectively and is known to affect both flaccid and erect length gain.

Find a bench, chair or stool and elevate your right leg. Then reach from behind your body and pull your penis toward your left leg, and downward. This is going to feel intense, and it should. Hold the position for 3-5 minutes, depending on your tolerance, and then do the same with your left leg elevated (and stretch your penis toward your right leg).

This stretch should be a regular part of your routine. But it should not be the only one. There are literally thousands of exercise styles. The trick is to try a lot and find the ones that work best for you. This means finding the exercises that bring you results and put the least amount of stress on your body. You want to work hard at it, but not do damage to yourself.

Next step is jelquing. Jelquing can be done by hand or by wearing a mechanical device. Without the device your pretty much hopeless though so bear in mind the importance of finding a device that's comfortable for you to wear long term. Penis stretching is about both conducting penis exercise and wearing a stretching device during the off hours. Also remember what we said about herbal penis enlargement. Taking the herbal supplement by pill or patch is essential.

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