Natural & Herbal Penis enlargement: Do Natural Penis enlargement pills really work? Various Penis Enlargers

A surprising number of men are interested in natural penis enlargement. Among them its safe to assume about everyone is after a safe and painless method. Unfortunately, all too many men aren’t informed as to how to meet that natural penis enlargement goal. Doubters out there don't believe that herbal penis enlargement, and non-surgical devices will give them the results they're after. When in fact, the truth is the opposite.

The most effective penis enlarger is by far a combination of herbal penis enlargement and a non-surgical traction device. All too many men learn the hard way that surgery is not what its cracked up to be, nor are the dangerous drugs and chemicals that come recommended by some irresponsible merchants out there.

Surgery is:

  1. More expensive than natural penis enlargement.
  2. Dangerous in ways that herbal penis enlargement is not.
  3. Not guaranteed to have results.

The procedure in the United States can cost anywhere from four to ten thousand dollars, and even more in some states. In comparison, a good quality penis traction device that sells for a few hundred dollars and gets real results is a pretty darn good option.

No insurance company covers penis enlargement surgery, and no reputable doctor will guarantee that the patient will come out better than when he went in. Surgery often has painful side effects, bruising, swelling, possible infection…the list goes on. Many times the surgeon requires that the patient hang weights from the penis for extended periods of time after the procedure. This can be painful and embarrassing and also effect circulation and urination, not to mention sexual function.

Surgery puts your sex life at risk, when what its supposed to do is improve it.

Natural penis enlargement :

Is safe because it relies on one hundred percent herbal ingredients in combination with exercises, and traction, a process that has been used for thousands of years to stimulate growth. All recommended procedures to do with herbal penis enlargement are harmless, uncomplicated and nearly painless.

When exercising you can control you discomfort level, stop when the tension grows too high and pace yourself for optimum results without damage. You shouldn’t need to over exert yourself or put yourself through great discomfort when using natural penis enlargement.

A good program is one that provides a thorough exercise regime, a traction device such as a penis extender and a herbal penis enlargement product such as a pill or patch. The combination of these will be ten times more effective, safe and effortless than surgical or chemical methods.

You may ask, do penis enlargement pills work? The answer is yes, in combination with an exercise program and traction device herbal remedies are, like it is with many human ailments, the best, safest approach. It seems as hard as we try mother nature still has the best remedy.

Penis enlargement is perhaps unique, depending on your perspective in that the most advanced techniques are also the oldest and most natural. New developments based on scientific strategic, complex theories and surgeries have done little to improve upon the simple, ancient practices upon which natural penis enlargement is based. It is still the best option to go with herbal penis enlargement, to avoid surgery, to avoid unnatural medicines and, luckily, to go the cheap route.

Vimax Extender

Manufactured and distributed by:

481 Parkview Lane
MI 49635

The Vimax extender is a very popular choice among men looking to make considerable length gains on their penis. It is an excellent alternative to a regular regime of penis exercises, and many men find the discreet device to be superior to the work and effort involved in daily exercises. The results of the top exercise programs and extenders are comparable so the decision depends more on the preference of the user – to commit to wearing a stretcher device or to a regular exercise regime.

This is one of the first developed extenders and as such has seen various improvements on the design over the course of it’s 17-year history. It was first developed by a medical team and since has been medically proven to be among the most effective penis stretching devices out there. It provides excellent correction of penis curvature as well as addition to both length and girth.

What To Expect From the Vimax Extender

  • Grow your penis up to 3-4 inches with no surgery or pumps

  • Effortless to wear, no additional exercises required

  • The results are permanent

  • Excellent correction of penis curvature

  • Completely safe and natural, no side effects

  • Aids premature ejaculation and longevity during sex

  • Guaranteed or your money back


Vimax Extender Research

The Vimax Extender is among the only extender devices to have been developed by a Doctor on the basis of medical research. Dr. Jorn Ege Siana created it in 1994. Since, a variety of medical research and clinical tests have proven it to be among the most effective penis extenders on the market.



Manufactured and distributed by:

Andromedical, S.L.
7 Proción
Madrid, 28023

Andropenis® works based on the principle of traction, and works well thanks to an advanced design. This extender complies with European Union Directive 93/42/EEC for health products and also with the obligations of the CE mark. It is a European made device and is held to the highest quality standards. Andropenis® is a Class I Medical Device registered with the CMDCAS of Canada.

Andropenis® is a professional company with really excellent customer support, and medical advice. The extender is backed by medical professionals around the world as a safe and reliable way to enlarge your penis and correct curvature. This latest design is among the most comfortable, discreet, and functional ever seen. Full guarantees make this product a worry free purchase. The results are permanent and the price is, well, more than affordable considering the benefits.

What you can expect:

  • Longer penis with harder erections

  • Permanent results in both flaccidity and erection.

  • Best solution to correct penis curvatures

  • Medical support throughout treatment.

  • Money Back

  • No side effects - 100% Natural & Safe

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