Penis Enlargement Exercise & Stretching Result in Penis Growth

Penis stretching is a penis exercise that uses traction to assist the human body's natural ability to change and develop under physical influence. If a certain part of the body is exposed to a constant, permanent stretch, the cells in this area begin to divide and multiply, thus increasing the tissue mass.

Stretching Has History

The natural principle behind penis stretching (a form of penis enlargement) or any form of penis exercise has been known and used through centuries in many different cultures in order to develop or extend various body parts.

How It Works

A specially designed ring of plastic material is placed around the base of the penis. A plastic and silicone holder is fastened around the penis head. Between the ring and the holder, two dynamic metal bars are attached applying a variable tension between 600 and 1500 grams. The same principle has also been used in surgery to lengthen fingers or legs and also to cover tissue defects in the face.

The apparatus fits everybody, and every penis size. A penis stretcher is easy to apply, painless in usage and cannot be seen beneath loose fitting trousers. This form of penis exercise increases both penis length and girth. It is one of the only proven and documented penis enlargement methods to enlarge your penis without surgery or even seeing a doctor.

Your penis extender can be used any time of the day for various time intervals during work or time off, depending on your personal schedule. The total amount of hours the device is worn for penis exercise, combined with the amount of traction, determines the result of the treatment.

It is not necessary to use this technique for a long uninterrupted time to obtain results by penis exercise. As an example: 2 hours daily penis stretching treatment for 12 months, will give the same final result as 12 hours daily for 2 months. You can also take a break for a period of time, without diminishing the final result. Refraining from using the stretcher does not result in losing any penis enlargement results already gained.

The penis enlarger may also be worn at night but may become detached during uneasy sleep or during a nightly erection. It is recommended to use the protection pad or other protective measure when the penis stretcher is worn at night. After some initial practice, the application of the device takes less than a minute. Treatment with the penis exercise has no side effects and no influence on either urination, erection or fertility, and the enlargement is permanent. No assistance from your Doctor is needed.

Average Results

The average results from this penis exercise is an increase in erect length of 2,8 cm (1.1 Inch) after 1100 hours at 1200 g traction force. The corresponding flaccid increase is 1,9 cm or 0.75 inch.

After the preliminary study all patients achieved penile lengthening after traction with penis stretching.
Average lengthening per week by penis exercise was 1,9 mm with no complications or medical implications.

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Vimax Extender

Manufactured and distributed by:

481 Parkview Lane
MI 49635

The Vimax extender is a very popular choice among men looking to make considerable length gains on their penis. It is an excellent alternative to a regular regime of penis exercises, and many men find the discreet device to be superior to the work and effort involved in daily exercises. The results of the top exercise programs and extenders are comparable so the decision depends more on the preference of the user – to commit to wearing a stretcher device or to a regular exercise regime.

This is one of the first developed extenders and as such has seen various improvements on the design over the course of it’s 17-year history. It was first developed by a medical team and since has been medically proven to be among the most effective penis stretching devices out there. It provides excellent correction of penis curvature as well as addition to both length and girth.

What To Expect From the Vimax Extender

  • Grow your penis up to 3-4 inches with no surgery or pumps

  • Effortless to wear, no additional exercises required

  • The results are permanent

  • Excellent correction of penis curvature

  • Completely safe and natural, no side effects

  • Aids premature ejaculation and longevity during sex

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Vimax Extender Research

The Vimax Extender is among the only extender devices to have been developed by a Doctor on the basis of medical research. Dr. Jorn Ege Siana created it in 1994. Since, a variety of medical research and clinical tests have proven it to be among the most effective penis extenders on the market.



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Andropenis® works based on the principle of traction, and works well thanks to an advanced design. This extender complies with European Union Directive 93/42/EEC for health products and also with the obligations of the CE mark. It is a European made device and is held to the highest quality standards. Andropenis® is a Class I Medical Device registered with the CMDCAS of Canada.

Andropenis® is a professional company with really excellent customer support, and medical advice. The extender is backed by medical professionals around the world as a safe and reliable way to enlarge your penis and correct curvature. This latest design is among the most comfortable, discreet, and functional ever seen. Full guarantees make this product a worry free purchase. The results are permanent and the price is, well, more than affordable considering the benefits.

What you can expect:

  • Longer penis with harder erections

  • Permanent results in both flaccidity and erection.

  • Best solution to correct penis curvatures

  • Medical support throughout treatment.

  • Money Back

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